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I am convinced that one learns only through direct experience with knowledge in some form. Being familiar with a piece of information is not the same as “knowing” it is valid within your own experiential framework for living. 

I also believe that a great many of life’s most profound insights have been described in 10 words or less and that has become a kind of measuring stick for many of my own phrases or aphorisms. In fact if we consider that life or our deepest level of consciousness always responds to questions, we get a hint about the value in brevity—most significant questions can be asked in less than 10 words, so perhaps the essential answer can also conform to that limit. Those of us that have regular contact with our “inner voice” know that it answers us in brief and meaningful language. In many cases, my own included, some of those brief comments have inspired more lengthy and complete discourses in different formats such as lectures or magazine articles