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I am convinced that one learns only through direct experience with knowledge in some form. Being familiar with a piece of information is not the same as “knowing” it is valid within your own experiential framework for living. 

I also believe that a great many of life’s most profound insights have been described in 10 words or less and that has become a kind of measuring stick for many of my own phrases or aphorisms. In fact if we consider that life or our deepest level of consciousness always responds to questions, we get a hint about the value in brevity—most significant questions can be asked in less than 10 words, so perhaps the essential answer can also conform to that limit.

Soul Medicine

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Learn quickly to discover and use:
Instant Creative Cause
Inner Perceptive Movement (IPM)
The Body's Secret Code
The Inner Creative Language

“Both Illness and Healing Are Instant Realities  
Instant Healing Can be Your Instant Reality-Be There, Now!”

1-Eliminate Stress, body pain and emotional suffering.
2-Erase all levels of guilt.  
3-Transform all concepts of lack and personal impotence at speeds that will amaze anyone while adding.

Vital energy, creative productivity, satisfaction, and greatly enhanced personal power.

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This book can dissolve your resistance to those repeatable actions that tend to produce our most desired results.

In addition, now you can include in a new framework, what you consider as “self discipline,” and enjoy the process without an undue attachment to the desired result.

The recommended activities and practices are simple, yet potent transformers. It becomes clear, quickly, that small actions, repeated regularly, are the most powerful; they produce the most favorable results, the manifestation of your authentic desires. 

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How to do it quick, small, simple and complete.

Introducing the law of confusion and the law of clarity.

Are health, wealth and happiness mostly invisible in your life?

Now you can remove the cloak of invisibility that is hiding your dreams.

Now you can discover how your desires are simply there waiting for you to discover them.

Now you can make the invisible become visible and available for your use and enjoyment.


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The Only 9 People
you will ever meet and
How To Know Them Better

You do only meet 9 people or 9 basic Life Purpose Expressions. They can be easily and quickly distinguished. This is like saying.

Only 9 people hold the key to your success in meeting life´s challenges.

Yes, Your life depends on how well you know, comunícate with and learn to enjoy these 9 “key people”.

Connect Instantly with anyone´s energy flow and personal potential or “Loverage”
imagination & numbers

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By Eric Rolf

If we combine the idea of numbers and counting with action or movement we have something we might call “numerical movement,” a kind of awareness accounting of our actions and the perceived consequences.  Better still we can use the 1-10 formula as a simple guide to personal empowerment and enjoyment at every level.